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In this day and age, companies, corporations, and brands, large and small, are become increasingly environmentally conscious, and one thing it translates into is the purchase decisions they make.

For environmentally conscious companies, most promotional products and promotional giveaways may seem like a waste. Especially so with promotional USB Flash Drives as the majority of them are made out of plastic.

This is what makes the Wooden USB Flash drive a no-brainer choice for environmentally conscious companies. It is especially true when it is an environmental message they are trying to convey using promotional USB Flash drives, or the promotional USBs are part of a campaign/initiative with an environmental theme.

The Wooden USB is made from light wood, which comes from responsibly managed forests. This makes the materials environmentally sustainable, and is bound to make a positive impression on recipients about your brand. Imagine handing out wooden memory sticks like this preloaded with your company’s documents and files. We will do the preloading for you at no charge.

The appeal of the Wooden USB Flash drives and Wooden Memory Sticks is more than just the environmental friendliness. That part aside, it is also an elegant choice as a promotional USB drive. The fine-grain finish in combination with the magnetic cap results in an elegant and sophisticated look. When it is custom branded with your corporate logo and branding, it results in an elegant impression of your brand.

The available branding methods are screen printing and laser engraving, both of which are offered for free. Free branding is also available for the various packaging options available for the Wooden USB Drives, such as the tin cases.

The dimensions of the Wood USB Drives are 58 x 20 x 11mm.