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Use it as a USB Business Card, a corporate gift, a promotional giveaway, or a marketing and promotional tool. The large surface area of the Wafer USB Card will ensure that your brand gets noticed!

Whereas other styles of promotional USB Drives may be suited to just print or engrave your logo, the Wafer USB Card can be photo printed on both, the front and back, in full-color! It provides a more complete branding experience in order to maximize the promotional effect. The full color digital printing on both sides is completely free!

To add to the aesthetic appeal, there are various packaging options for the Wafer USB Cards, which can be custom-branded as well. There are tin cases that can be either laser engraved or screen printed.  There are gift boxes that can be screen printed with your logo. The most popular option however is the leather sleeve, which can be embossed with your logo. Custom branding for all packaging options is completely free as well.

At 85 x 54 x 3mm, the Wafer USB Cards are one of the sleekest promotional USB Drive models available. It can easily be stored in a wallet, in your pocket, or embedded into a folder!

We will also preload any documents you need on the Wafer USB Cards, for no charge, regardless of size of your content. These can be any kind of files, ranging from PDFs and images, to your catalogues, sales videos, and PowerPoint presentations. Storage capacity starts at 1GB, and goes all the way up to 64GB.

The finished product – a fully branded Wafer USB Cards photo-printed on both sides in full color with your corporate branding, preloaded with your company’s content and data, and packaged in a tin case, gift box, or leather sleeve which also has your corporate logo either screen printed, engraved, or embossed in it – is a must have for any company looking to maximize the promotional effect that promotional USB flash drives can provide.