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The promotionaldrive USB Card is quite often also referred to as a Wallet USB Card or a USB Wallet Card for a pretty straightforward reason – the sleek shape and design makes it super simple to slide into your wallet, purse or pocket.

That is the entire premise behind the promotional value of these Wallet USB Cards; it’s the easiest way to get your brand’s message into the wallets and pockets of your promotional campaign’s audience. Due to the shape and design of these wallet-friendly promotional USB Cards, they can carry your branding and promotional message to a degree unmatched by any other promotional product,  even any other promotional USB drives.

The large surface area caters to a complete branding experience. While other models of promotional USB Drives may stop at printing or engraving your logo, and perhaps your tagline/slogan, the Wallet USB Cards allow full color digital photo printing on the front side as well as the back side. It is not just your logo and tagline that can be printed, but any full color image or design that is essential to your brand. It is the easiest way to represent your brand in an aesthetic manner. Remember that recipients will be carrying these pocket USB Cards around in their wallets; this means not only will they be carrying around your brand with them and constantly being exposed to your corporate message, but every time they pull the USB Card out of their wallet to use, they will also be exposing other people to your brand.

But promoting your brand’s corporate message does not stop at just the exterior branding of these Wallet USB Cards. The USB chip itself can be preloaded with your company’s documents and files. We will preload the files for you, regardless of the quantity of Wallet USB Cards you are ordering, and regardless of the size of data to be loaded. We encourage you to load various promotional documents, such as pricing catalogues, sales videos, PowerPoint presentations, images, and anything else you may deem important for your brand.

The option of locking your content is also available at no charge, however we do not recommend using this for a simple reason – the more functionality you give your recipients, the higher the incentive for them to keep the promotional giveaway and for it to end up in their wallets or purses and truly become a Wallet USB Card or a Pocket USB Card. Remember, that is the goal after all!  They may delete your content and put their own, but remember the exterior of the USB Card is still beautifully branded with your corporate message. So as long as they keep the USB Card in their wallet, regardless of what they use the USB chip for, they are still being exposed to your branding for a prolonged time!