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Can you name two items that are considered essential at both, at home and at the office? USB flash drives and bottle openers.

The USB Bottle Opener is another model of promotional USB flash drives that is a 2-in-1 promotional item. It simply takes a bottle opener and embeds a USB drive into it. This theme of merging USB flash drives into another promotional product is a common one for us, as you may have noticed with our USB Pens, USB Lanyard and Neckstraps, and USB Bracelets/USB Wristbands. However the fact that this is a bottle opener also makes it particularly unique.

It is not a model suited for every company and every promotional activity, and is more of a niche promotional USB drive. However within its particular niche, it is an extremely useful, practical, functional, and hence popular choice for promotional USB drives.

The bottle opener USB is a perfect promotional product for beer companies, bottled-beverage companies, and other companies in the food and beverage industry. If any company tends to have customers or clients from these industries, the USB bottle openers also make for a very practical corporate gift, and is always much appreciated. Make sure that the next time someone needs to open a bottle, your brand is there to save the day!

The Bottle Opener USB Flash Drives are made out of metal, which means they have a laser engraving option available for branding, as well as screen printing. Whether you choose printing or engraving, your logo branding on both sides of the USB Bottle Opener will be completely free. If you need any data preloaded onto the USB Bottle Openers, that is also free, regardless of size.

Whatever the intended use for your promotional USB Bottle Openers is, we also have the perfect packaging options, which can be branded for free, to complement your promotional campaign.