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“USB Keys” are a popular synonym for USB drives and flash drives, but this one is literally in the shape of a key!

The Key Shaped USB Flash Drive can easily be added to your keychain along with your other keys, and can be conveniently carried around wherever you go.

That is what makes it so good as a promotional USB flash drive – attaching it to their key chains and carrying your promotional giveaway around wherever they go is exactly what you can expect recipients of your custom branded key shaped USB drives to do. This means they are consistently exposed to your company’s branding.

At standard dimension of 57 x 24 x 3mm, the size is very similar to that of an actual key. Both sides of the USB Key can be custom branded with your logo. This can be in the form of screen printing or laser engraving. Regardless of which method is chosen, the branding process will be free.

This promotional USB drive model is perfect for key-duplicators, lock-smiths, car manufacturers or anyone in the auto-business. There are plenty of other purposes as well for which the Key Shaped USB would be a creative option.

They Key Shaped USB is created from a single piece of metal. This metal has a quality chromium finish. It comes in three standard colors – gold, silver, and black.

There are various packaging options for the USB Keys, which can also be custom branded to make a great promotional gift. Other ways the Key shaped flash drives can be customized is by adding accessories such as a lanyard, key ring, key chain, or ball bearing chain.